In compliance with Law 19/2014, of December 29, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida) publishes the following information:

  • Social balance report
  • Overheads policy
  • Ombudsperson:
    • The IRBLleida has an ombudsperson whose mission is to ensure scientific integrity at the Institute. The ombudsperson at IRBLleida is Dr. Joan Viñas, former rector of the University of Lleida (UdL), professor of the Faculty of Medicine and head of the Section of General Surgery at the Arnau Vilanova University Hospital. Dr. Viñas is a member of different health care ethics committees and founded the research ethics committee of the Lleida Health Region. The Ombudsperson has the mission of contributing to prevent ethical irregularities and provide young researchers with a framework of confidence in compliance with the code of conduct. Cases may be referred to the Ombudsperson regarding disagreements between researchers, conflicts and integrity issues, scientific malpractice or non-compliance with the IRBLleida or CERCA Code of Conduct:
    • In addition, according to the CERCA Code of Conduct CERCA centers will inform the CERCA Institution of the existence of a conflict of scientific integrity that is of sufficient relevance and, in parallel, raise it to the CERCA Ombudsperson, under parameters of strict confidentiality and respect for the people allegedly involved. Relevant cases may be related with the revision or retraction of articles and that may result in disciplinary measures or that involve the direction or management of the center (
  • Protection issues: protecciodedades(ELIMINAR) - (Elena Moscatel)
  • Use of animals in research
  • Stakeholders: Stakeholders are individuals or legal entities of a private nature that participate actively in public policies or in decision-making processes involving the Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia and its public sector in order to influence in the orientation of these policies in defense of self-interest or of third parties, or of a general interest. The Register gives stakeholders a number of advantages when it comes to interacting with the Administration and the public sector and accessing information about their activities and initiatives. Registration.
  • Gifts
  • Register of Treatment Activities (ESP)

The dissemination of the ethical and regulatory aspects affecting IRBLleida staff is the result of the implementation of action 2 of the HRS4R Action Plan, which complies with the principles: 02. Ethical principles, 05. Contractual and legal obligations, 31. Intellectual Property Rights, 32. Remember that you can find all the information.

Action 2. Raise awareness among students/researchers about national & institutional regulations governing, ethical and professional aspects, good research practices and working conditions:

  • Provide training activities and talks in complementary skills: tech transfer, EU project and IP management, communication, etc.
  • Organize frequent training activities about ethical principles, professional responsibility and contractual and legal aspects for IRBLleida staff.
  • Disseminate all relevant ethical information, regulatory aspects, co-authorship importance, data protection and intellectual property among researchers, through internal communication newsletter, emails and IRBLleida website.
  • Standardize frequent contacts from the Innovation Unit to researchers at the start of a research project.

If you want to contact the IRBLleida regarding its rules on transparency, send your comments and suggestions to: info(ELIMINAR)