Over the last few years, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Lleida (IRBLleida) has had a management of innovation linked to other departments and often stemming from the need of researchers to protect their results and research. As a result, it has become increasingly clear that it is important to set up a unit within the IRBLleida devoted exclusively to innovation and transfer to provide answers and advice to all the research staff.

Now, the IRBLleida has a new and updated Innovation Unit made up of experienced, highly qualified human capital with extensive experience in innovation and transfer, both in private and research institutions.

At the same time, the Innovation Plan is being implemented, which will facilitate the acceleration of innovation and the cultural change of transfer within the institute. The strategy we are following is based on 6 strategic lines that allow us to connect research to the business environment, both local and international, and consequently to the needs of citizens. These are:

  • International focus
  • Cultural change
  • Open innovation
  • Territorial engagement
  • Sustainable growth
  • Patient/ citizen driven

The innovation unit carries out a range of activities and tasks for our researchers and economic partners. The actions carried out in this unit include, among others:

  • Search for business opportunities that lead to investment in new research.
  • New strategies for private and public industry relations and fostering partnerships in the early stages of technology.
  • Cooperate with international partners to help position our innovation at an international level and make new contacts.
  • Search for new tools to accelerate innovation.
  • Economic evaluation and research of projects or market ideas.
  • Protection of intellectual property strategy.
  • Search for public support or private funding to further develop technology to increase its value.
  • Search for partners interested in the technology (partnerships and technology intermediaries).

Contact details

973002295 (Anna Castilló)