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The Biostatistics Unit (Biostat), located on the fourth floor of the Biomedicine II building, has the mission of generating knowledge that can help improve health. Statistical methods are essential for designing studies, analyzing data and interpreting results. We work with researchers to turn their data into useful information to advance research. The UBiostat is under the direction of the IRBLLEIDA.

The main objective of the UBiostat is to strengthen the efficiency and quality of research groups at the IRBLleida. This objective is implemented as follows:

  1. By providing advice and methodological support for the design and data analysis of studies by the research groups at IRBLleida and external organizations.
  2. By participating in multidisciplinary teams to improve the processes of data collection, validation and integration for the research groups at IRBLleida.
  3. By participating actively in Biostatistics networks in Spain and abroad.
  4. By organizing and participating in training courses in Statistics and Research Methodology in the context of training programs at IRBLleida.



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Annual report 2018


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Dra. Montserrat Martínez

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  • Montserrat Martínez

    Expert in Statistics and Research Methodology