Valorisation of ideas

Innovation in IRBLleida arises from ideas. These may be defined by market needs, business involvement, research or any other source. That is why each idea is carefully analysed and considered following a process:

  • The identification and input of ideas, as mentioned above, can come from many avenues.
  • The evaluation takes into account the novelty of the idea, technical, economic and market feasibility, taking into account the assessment by the Innovation Committee. From this phase, the initiatives that will go ahead will be prioritised from those that need to mature or be revised.
  • The preparation of the strategy and the maturation of an idea to go to market. From the innovation unit we will accompany you and work with you to design protection strategies, seek funding, collaborate with companies or look for ways to promote and communicate the opportunity.
  • Once the idea has been protected, different ways of making the idea prosper and exploit it commercially are considered.
  • In parallel to all this, a circular model of constant search for innovation is followed so that the process will continue over time and any project transferred will have a follow-up clause to monitor it and review any opportunities that may arise.