Technical Scientific Services

Animal housing facility

|Alt Imatge|
  • Breeding of different species and strains of rodents (mouse and rat) for teaching and research.
  • Advice on the import of special models from authorized external suppliers and other research centers.
  • Facilities for the maintenance of rodents during the experimental procedure.
  • Advice for compliance with the legislation regulating the use of animals for teaching and research: facilities, operation, records, personnel, ethical committees, processing of projects and procedures with experimental animals.
  • Advice on the handling, care and handling of animal animals and anesthesia procedures.
  • Advice to researchers on issues related to animal welfare in terms of acquisition, accommodation, care and use.
  • Advice to researchers on the application of the replacement, reduction and refinement requirement, and information on technical and scientific advances in the application of that requirement.
  • Consultative functions in relation to the state of health and treatment of animals.
  • Training of animal user personnel with the functions of experimenter and design of projects and procedures.

Contact details

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Dra. Carme Piñol

Annex Building

Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova
Avinguda Alcalde Rovira Roure, 80
25198 Lleida

Phone: 973 003660 / 973 003661


Human resources

  • Dra. Carme Piñol

    Service Head

  • Albert Ardèvol

    Technical specialist

  • Leticia Fabre

    Technical specialist

  • Núria Moix

    Technical specialist

  • Jessica Pairada

    Technical specialist

  • Marc Collado

    Technical specialist

  • Iván Aparicio

    Technical specialist

  • Dr. José Antonio Moreno

    Appointed veterinarian