Area: Cancer

Area coordinator: Dr. Eloi Garí Marsol and Dr. Águeda Mártinez Barriocanal

The cancer area includes research staff trained in different specialties of Medicine and Biology. The common goal is oncology research integrating basic (model organisms), translational, and clinical research (trials).

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Calcium cellular signalling

Group leaders
  • Carles Cantí Nicolás
  • Judit Herreros Danés

During tumor progression, cancer cells adapt to changes in the microenvironment (lack of nutrients and /or oxygen) through the activation of stress pathways and autophagy...

Cell cycle

Group leaders
  • Eloi Garí Marsol
  • Jordi Torres Rosell

The Cell Cycle group studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate the division of eukaryotic cells, in particular: (A) the mechanisms dependent on SUMO and SMC complexes that ensure genome stability during the cycle and in response to DNA damage...

Developmental and Oncogenic Signaling

Group leaders
  • Mario Encinas Martin
  • Francisco Javier Dolcet Roca

The aim of the team is to join efforts to gain insight into the signaling pathways governing the biology of the genitourinary (GU) system, using genetically modified mice as a model system...

Drosophila disease models and (epi)genetic analysis

Group leader
  • Andreu Casali Taberner

Our research group embodies a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing diverse research lines that delve into both basic and translational research...

Molecular Oncology

Group leader
  • Diego Arango Del Corro

The main interest of our laboratory is the study of molecular events underlying the oncogenic process, especially in colorectal, gastric and head-and-neck cancer...

Oncological pathology

Group leader
  • Xavier Matias-Guiu Guia

The group studies the molecular alterations of endometrial and skin cancers, in correlation with clinical and pathological characteristics, using descriptive molecular pathology tools (immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, sequencing, epigenetics, gene gain and loss), as well as in vitro functional analysis in cell cultures (2D and 3D), and experimental animals...

Research group of Cancer Biomarkers (GReBiC)

Group leaders
  • Jose Manuel Porcel Pérez
  • Antonia Salud Salvia
  • Maria Alba Sorolla Bardaji

Our research group is translational, multidisciplinary and young. It is composed of medical doctors specialized in Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine, Radiotherapy Oncology and Clinical Analysis; and basic researchers trained in Biosciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine and Biotechnology) with a high degree of cohesion...