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Drosophila disease models and (epi)genetic analysis

Our group has developed a metastatic model of colorectal cancer in Drosophila, with the aim to unravel the basic mechanisms that allow the spread of tumor cells outside the primary tumor and the colonization of distant sites.

We have two main lines of work:

  1. Perform genetic screenings to identify key players in the initial steps of metastasis and characterize their role in the process.
  2. Introduce our models of colorectal cancer in Drosophila as a new step in the preclinical analysis of therapeutic compounds.

Featured publications

Adams, J; Casali, A; Campbell, K

Methods to Generate and Assay for Distinct Stages of Cancer Metastasis in Adult Drosophila melanogaster.

Methods in Molecular Biology 2179 161-170. .


Campbell, K; Rossi, F; Adams, J; Pitsidianaki, I; Barriga, FM; Garcia-Gerique, L; Batlle, E; Casanova, J; Casali, A

Collective cell migration and metastases induced by an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in Drosophila intestinal tumors

Nature Communications 10 2311-2311. .


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Andreu Casali Taberner

Andreu Casali Taberner