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Developmental and Oncogenic Signaling

The aim of the team is to join efforts to gain insight into the signaling pathways governing the biology of the genitourinary (GU) system, using genetically modified mice as a model system.

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Roy R; Lorca C; Mulet M; Sánchez Milán JA; Baratas A; de la Casa M; Espinet C; Serra A; Gallart-Palau X

Altered ureido protein modification profiles in seminal plasma extracellular vesicles of non-normozoospermic men.

Frontiers in Endocrinology 14 1113824-1113824. .


Altes, G; Vaquero, M; Cuesta, S; Anerillas, C; Macia, A; Espinet, C; Ribera, J; Bellusci, S; Klein, OD; Yeramian, A; Dolcet, X; Egea, J; Encinas, M

A dominant negative mutation uncovers cooperative control of caudal Wolffian duct development by Sprouty genes

Cellular And Molecular Life Sciences 79 514-514. .


Diéguez-Martínez N; Espinosa-Gil S; Yoldi G; Megías-Roda E; Bolinaga-Ayala I; Viñas-Casas M; Gorgisen G; Domingo-Ortí I; Pérez-Montoyo H; Bayascas JR; Colas E; Dolcet X; Lizcano JM

The ERK5/NF-?B signaling pathway targets endometrial cancer proliferation and survival.

Cellular And Molecular Life Sciences 79 524-524. .


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Mario Encinas Martin

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Francisco Javier Dolcet Roca

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