Area: Chronic diseases, Surgery and Health Care

Area coordinator: Dr. José Manuel Valdivielso Revilla

The area contains 6 groups dedicated to determining the pathophysiological mechanisms of vascular, renal, metabolic and pulmonary diseases. In addition, research is being conducted on new surgical methods and strategies to promote healthy aging.


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Experimental surgery

Group leader
  • Jorge J. Olsina Kissler

The group intends to develop interdisciplinary projects with special interest in those technologies and methodologies related to abdominal wall surgery and with applicability to other surgeries such as bariatric, hepatic, etc...

Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases Group

Group leader
  • Manuel Sánchez De La Torre

The Group of Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases is a multidisciplinary group that integrates different professional profiles for development of translational research...

Research Group in Immunology and Metabolism (GRIM)

Group leaders
  • Juan Verdaguer Autonell
  • Concepción Mora Giral
  • Albert Lecube Torelló

The Research Group in Immunology and Metabolism (GRIM) is subdivided into 2 nodes that represent the basic and clinical research of the group...

Research group of health care (GRECS)

Group leaders
  • Joan Blanco Blanco
  • Esther Rubinat Arnaldo

The group comprises nurses and physiotherapist from both clinical practice (Santa Maria University Hospital-GSS Hospital, Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital and Primary Care) and faculty members (University of Lleida)...

Translational research in respiratory medicine group

Group leader
  • Ferran Barbé Illa

The group consists of basic, clinical and epidemiological researchers, who work at the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida), a collaborating center of the University of Lleida...

Vascular and renal translational research group

Group leader
  • Jose Manuel Valdivielso Revilla

Vascular and Renal Translational Research (VRTR) Group from the IRBLleida is a multidisciplinary group with basic and clinical scientists working in an integrated environment...