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Translational research in respiratory medicine group

The group consists of basic, clinical and epidemiological researchers, who work at the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida), a collaborating center of the University of Lleida. The principal investigator is Ferran Barbé Illa and the coordinator is Manuel Sánchez de la Torre.

Since 2008, the TRRM group has belonged to the Diseases Newtwork Research Centre (CIBERes) platform, as Group 35. Group 35 is currently one of the leading exponents of the Spanish Sleep Network of the Spanish Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery Society (SEPAR). We work alongside researchers from many specialties in order to approach the study of the pathophysiology of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA) and its consequences. The research excellence of the TRRM group has been recognized internationally.

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Drager LF; McEvoy RD; Barbe F; Lorenzi-Filho G; Redline S; INCOSACT Initiative (International Collaboration of Sleep Apnea Cardiovascular T

Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease: Lessons From Recent Trials and; Need for Team Science

Circulation 136 1840-1850. .


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