How does your donation help us?

Why donate to IRBLleida?

To promote research on health and impact on the quality of life of the population.

To improve the treatment of many diseases, to the benefit of the health of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

To collaborate with the scientific community, with patients and citizens.

To enhance Lleida and the territory.

Because you share the values of the IRBLleida: responsibility, respect, precision, generosity in synergy, independence of judgment, equitable distribution of resources, social responsability, leadership and enthusiasm.

Do you want to collaborate with us by allocating part of your time to organizing events aimed at fundraising?

Do you want to organize activities and charities in favor of IRBLleida's research: races, contests, concerts, collections...

Do you want to become 'Friend of the IRBLleida' and be one of the diffusers of the projects of the institute?

Become a volunteer at IRBLleida. Your ideas can help us.

If you need advice and/or help:

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You can leave a legacy in your will in favor of IRBLleida and help promote research and improve the health of future generations.

Thank you very much for thinking in IRBLleida.

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Do you have an idea to raise funds for research in IRBLleida?

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Donate to specific project

Are you interested in promoting research in a particular area? Do you have a personal involvement in an investigation? Collaborate with one of our projects.

Investing in the Lleida Institute for Biomedical Research (IRBLleida) is to invest in young researchers and in the territory

Your donation will allow us to continue advancing in research in Lleida and continue to train future researchers.


News biomarkers to detect early multiple sclerosis

Your donation will allow us to continue advancing in this research in Lleida.


Metabolomics predicts neuroimaging characteristics of transient ischemic attack patients

Your donation will allow us to continue advancing in this research in Lleida.


Advantages of giving

Your donation has tax benefits:

Up to 150€/year: 75% of the amount donated is tax-deductible
Over +150€/year: 75% of the first 150€ donated and 30% of the rest is tax-deductible