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The group comprises nurses and physiotherapist from both clinical practice (Santa Maria University Hospital-GSS Hospital, Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital and Primary Care) and faculty members (University of Lleida). The main research areas are Healthy and Active Aging and Healthcare Services. The Nursing and Healthcare Research Group is involved in several projects in Spain, Europe and world-wide. At the European level researchers are partners of TOY (Together Old and Young project): Inter-generational Learning Involving Young Children and Older People (Grundtvig- Lifelonglearning Programme). In this country and worldwide, the Group has established collaboration with the Nursing and Healthcare Research Unit (Investén-isciii), which is focused on the Best Practice Guidelines Programme funded by the Ontario governement's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Carlos III Institute of Health, as part of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance. Some of the guidelines developed and implemented include Evidence based Practice in reducing falls in older persons, the treatment of pressure ulcers, incontinence management, palliative care and pain management. As part of the Spanish Collaboration Centre of the Joanna Briggs Institute, the group is involved in implementing Nursing Evidence Best Practice in a range of clinical settings, through a signed agreement between the Carlos III Institute of Health (Nursing and Healthcare Research Unit: Investén-isciii) and the Spanish Regional Health Systems.

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Perez-Acevedo, G; Enric Torra-Bou, Joan; Luisa Manzeno-Canillas, Maria; Bosch-Alcaraz, A

Management of purpura fulminans skin lesions in a premature neonate with sepsis: a case study



Granado-Casas, M; Martinez-Alonso, M; Alcubierre, N; Ramirez-Morros, A; Hernandez, M; Castelblanco, E; Torres-Puiggros, J; Mauricio, D

Decreased quality of life and treatment satisfaction in patients with latent autoimmune diabetes of the adult

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