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  • Gunn V; Muntaner C; Ng E; Villeneuve M; Gea-Sanchez M; Chung H

    Gender equality policies, nursing professionalization, and the nursing workforce: A cross-sectional, time-series analysis of 22 countries, 2000-2015.



  • Di Giacomo D; Ranieri J; Guerra F; Perilli E; Gea Sánchez M; Passafiume D; Cannita K; Ficorella C

    Survivorship in young women after early breast cancer: a cross-sectional study of emotional traits along 3-years perspective.

    RIV PSICHIATR 54 160-167. .


  • Fernández-Lago H; Bello O; Salgado AV; Fernandez-Del-Olmo M

    Acute kinematic and neurophysiological effects of treadmill and overground walking in Parkinson's disease.

    Neurorehabilitation 44 433-443. .


  • Zúñiga F; Chu, CH; Boscart, V; Fagertun, A; Gea-Sanchez, M; Meyer, J; Spilsbury, K; Devi, R; Haunch, K; Zheng, N; McGilton, KS

    Recommended Common Data Elements for International Research in Long-Term Care Homes: Exploring the Workforce and Staffing Concepts of Staff Retention and Turnover



  • Perez-Acevedo, Gemma; Enric Torra-Bou, Joan; Luisa Manzeno-Canillas, Maria; Bosch-Alcaraz, Alejandro

    Management of purpura fulminans skin lesions in a premature neonate with sepsis: a case study

    JOURNAL OF WOUND CARE 28 198-203. .


  • Granado-Casas, Minerva; Castelblanco, Esmeralda; Ramirez-Morros, Anna; Martin, Mariona; Alcubierre, Nuria; Martinez-Alonso, Montserrat; Valldeperas, Xavier; Traveset, Alicia; Rubinat, Esther; Lucas-Martin, Ana; Hernandez, Marta; Alonso, Nuria; Mauricio, Didac

    Poorer Quality of Life and Treatment Satisfaction is Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes without Other Advanced Late Complications

    Journal of Clinical Medicine 8 377-. .


  • Goicolea I; Marchal B; Hurtig AK; Vives-Cases C; Briones-Vozmediano E; San Sebastián M

    Why do certain primary health care teams respond better to intimate partner violence than others? A multiple case study

    GACETA SANITARIA 33 169-176. .


  • Botigué T; Masot O; Miranda J; Nuin C; Viladrosa M; Lavedán A; Zwakhalen S

    Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated With Low Fluid Intake in Institutionalized Older Residents

    Journal Of The American Medical Directors Association 20 317-322. .


  • Khan, Mishal Sameer; Lakha, Fatim; Tan MMJ; Singh, Shweta Rajkumar; Quek RYC; Han, Emeline; Tan, See Mieng; Haldane, Victoria; Gea-Sanchez, Montserrat; Legido-Quigley, Helena

    More talk than action: gender and ethnic diversity in leading public health universities

    Lancet 393 594-600. .


  • Tíscar-González V; Blanco-Blanco J; Gea-Sánchez M; Rodriguez Molinuevo A; Moreno-Casbas T

    Nursing knowledge of and attitude in cardiopulmonary arrest: cross-sectional survey analysis

    PeerJ 7 e6410-. .


  • Molló À; Berenguera, Anna; Rubinat, Esther; Vlacho, Bogdan; Mata, Manel; Franch, Josep; Bolibar, Bonaventura; Mauricio, Didac

    INTEGRA study protocol: primary care intervention in type 2 diabetes patients with poor glycaemic control

    BMC Family Practice 20 25-25. .


  • Gunn V; Muntaner C; Villeneuve M; Chung H; Gea-Sanchez M

    Nursing professionalization and welfare state policies: A critical review of structural factors influencing the development of nursing and the nursing workforce

    Nursing Inquiry 26 e12263-. .