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  • Bermúdez-López M; Martínez-Alonso M; Castro-Boqué E; Betriu À; Cambray S; Farràs C; Barbé F; Pamplona R; Lecube A; Mauricio D; Purroy F; Valdivielso JM; Fernández E; ILERVAS project collaborators

    Subclinical atheromatosis localization and burden in a low-to-moderate cardiovascular risk population: the ILERVAS study.

    Revista Española De Cardiología (english Ed.) 74 1042-1053. .


  • Caixas, A; Lecube, A; Tinahones, FJ

    Evidence-based recommendations on physical exercise inpersons with obesity Reply

    MEDICINA CLINICA 157 315-315. .


  • Toledano-Magaña Y; Flores-Santos L; Montes de Oca G; González-Montiel A; García-Ramos JC; Mora C; Saavedra-Ávila NA; Gudiño-Zayas M; González-Ramírez LC; Laclette JP; Carrero JC

    Toxicological Evaluations in Macrophages and Mice Acutely and Chronically Exposed to Halloysite Clay Nanotubes Functionalized with Polystyrene.

    ACS Omega 6 29882-29892. .


  • Bueno M; Boixadera-Planas E; Blanco-Hinojo L; Esteba-Castillo S; Giménez-Palop O; Torrents-Rodas D; Pujol J; Corripio R; Deus J; Caixàs A

    Hunger and Satiety Peptides: Is There a Pattern to Classify Patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome?

    Journal of Clinical Medicine 10 -. .


  • Bonet M; Vázquez S; García E; Visus M; Jové D; Ripol O; Solé C; Gutiérrez L; Morales-Rull JL; Montero Á; Algara M; Arenas M; Mira M

    Saving time in the radiotherapy procedures for COVID-19 pneumonia treatment. A single-institution experience.



  • Ciudin, A; Fidilio, E; Gutierrez-Carrasquilla, L; Caixas, A; Vilarrasa, N; Pellitero, S; Simo-Servat, A; Vilallonga, R; Ruiz, A; de la Fuente, M; Luna, A; Sanchez, E; Rigla, M; Hernandez, C; Salas, E; Simo, R; Lecube, A

    A Clinical-Genetic Score for Predicting Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery: The OBEGEN Study

    Journal of Personalized Medicine 11 1040-. .


  • Lecube, A; Ciudin, A; Fidilio, E; Gutierrez-Carrasquilla, L; Caixas, A; Vilarrasa, N; Simo, A; Vilallonga, R; de la Fuente, M; Luna, A; Sanchez, E; Bueno, M; Hernandez, C; Salas, E; Simo, R

    A clinical-genetic score for predicting type 2 diabetes remission after bariatric surgery: the OBEGEN project

    Diabetologia 64 151-152. .

  • Lopez-Cano, C; Ciudin, A; Sanchez, E; Tinahones, F; Soto, A; Pellitero, S; Barbe, F; Dalmases, M; Garcia-Ramirez, M; Gaeta, A; Marti, R; Hernandez, C; Simo, R; Lecube, A

    Positive impact of liraglutide on pulmonary function in patients with type 2 diabetes: data from the randomised cross-over LIRALUNG study

    Diabetologia 64 99-100. .

  • Zhang RH; Cai YH; Shu LP; Yang J; Qi L; Han M; Zhou J; Simó R; Lecube A

    Bidirectional relationship between diabetes and pulmonary function: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

    Diabetes & metabolism 47 101186-101186. .


  • Lecube A; Ciudin A

    A long and stony road to the correct treatment of obesity.

    MEDICINA CLINICA 157 176-177. .


  • Zhang, RH; Zhou, JB; Cai, YH; Shu, LP; Yang, JK; Wei, WB; Lecube, A

    Non-linear association of anthropometric measurements and pulmonary function

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 11 14596-14596. .


  • Reverter-Masia, J; Pano-Rodriguez, A; Beltran-Garrido, JV; Lecube, A; Sanchez, E; Hernandez-Gonzalez, V

    Effect of a Training Program on Hepatic Fat Content and Cardiometabolic Risk in Postmenopausal Women: The Randomized Controlled Trial

    Applied Sciences-Basel 11 6409-. .