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+PPRG aims to apply next-generation clinical proteomics, mass spectrometry and Systems Biology to the uncovering of altered intercellular communication mechanisms associated with neuropathology and systemic pathologies. Our young research group emphasizes those research actions focused on providing further understanding on the molecular basis of neurodegeneration and dementia-associated neuropathology.

In a related vein, we prioritize bench-to-bedside research focusing on further understand the potential of extracellular vesicles (EVs), considered as basic units of an intricate intercellular communication mechanism, to become novel clinical diagnostic, stratification and prognostic markers. Finally, we also generously focus on the uncovering of novel sources and applications of EVs as next-generation delivery nanocarriers in manifold applications for the progression of personalized medicine.

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Xavier Gallart Palau

Xavier Gallart Palau

Biomedicine II / Biomedicina II
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