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Biological foundations of mental disorders

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  • Carnes-Vendrell A; Deus J; Molina-Seguin J; Pifarré J; Purroy F

    Depression and Apathy After Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Stroke: Prevalence, Evolution and Predictors.

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  • Miquel E; Esquerda M; Real J; Espejo M; Pifarré J

    Design and Validation of an Instrument To Measure a Minor's Maturity When Faced with Health Decisions.

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    Absence of association between the level of lethality and the recidivism of suicide attempts in a Spanish province.

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    The handgrip strength dinamometer in adolescents 12-16 years old. A systematic review and the normative centiles

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  • Llàdser Navarro, Anna-Núria; Casadó Marín, Lina Cristina; López Pablo, Carlos; ROSSELLO AUBACH, LLUIS; Montesó Curto, Pilar

    Malaise in feminine: therapeutic itineraries of six women with fibromyalgia

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  • Irigoyen, Maria; Segovia AP; Galvan, Leonardo; Puigdevall, Margarita; Giner, Lucas; De Leon, Santiago; Baca-Garcia, Enrique

    Predictors of re-attempt in a cohort of suicide attempters: A survival analysis

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  • Mora, Ester; Portella, Maria J; Piñol-Ripoll G; Lopez, Ricard; Cuadras, Daniel; Forcada, Irene; Teres, Montse; Vieta, Eduard; Mur, Maria

    High BDNF serum levels are associated to good cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder.

    European psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists -. .


  • Guilera, Teresa; Batalla, Iolanda; Forne, Carles; Soler-Gonzalez, Jorge

    Empathy and big five personality model in medical students and its relationship to gender and specialty preference: a cross-sectional study



  • Esquerda, Montse; Pifarre, Josep; Roig, Helena; Busquets, Ester; Yuguero, Oriol; Viñas J

    Assessing bioethics education: Teaching to be virtuous doctors with practical ethical skills

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    Predictors of sexual impairment at 6months after a manic episode: A post-hoc analysis of the MANA-COR study

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  • Yuguero, Oriol; Melnick, Edward R.; Marsal, Josep R.; Esquerda, Montserrat; Soler-Gonzalez, Jorge

    Cross-sectional study of the association between healthcare professionals' empathy and burnout and the number of annual primary care visits per patient under their care in Spain

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  • Gelonch, O; Garolera, M; Valls, J; Castella, G; Varela, O; Rossello, L; Pifarre, J

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