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Biological foundations of mental disorders

The Group comprises mainly members of the Psychiatry service of the Santa Maria University Hospital, Lleida and biomedical research is conducted by sub-teams that share a common interest in the study of the biological bases of various mental disorders, mainly bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder and personality disorder.

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Yuguero, Oriol; Melnick, Edward R.; Marsal, Josep R.; Esquerda, Montserrat; Soler-Gonzalez, Jorge

Cross-sectional study of the association between healthcare professionals' empathy and burnout and the number of annual primary care visits per patient under their care in Spain

Bmj Open 8 e020949-. .


Vicent-Gil, M.; Keymer-Gausset, A.; Serra-Blasco, M.; Carceller-Sindreu, M.; de Diego-Adelino, J.; Trujols, J.; Mur, M.; Perez, V.; Alvarez, E.; Cardoner, N.; Portella, M. J.

Cognitive predictors of illness course at 12 months after first-episode of depression

European Neuropsychopharmacology 28 529-537. .


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