Area: Nutrition, Metabolism and Oxidative Stress

Area coordinator: Dr. Joaquim Ros Salvador

We study the ageing process, myocardial differentiation, neurodegenerative diseases and cell signalling in relation to oxidative stress in various cellular, animal and human models, using experimental and theoretical methods.

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Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress

Group leader
  • Joaquim Ros Salvador

The Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress group analyses altered mitochondrial functions in a disease called Friedreich Ataxia caused by deficient levels of frataxin, a mitochondrial protein...

Cell signalling and apoptosis group

Group leaders
  • Daniel Sanchis Morales
  • Marta Llovera Tomas

The lines of research of the Cell Signaling and Apoptosis Group are: study of the processes that regulate differentiation, survival and cell death in cardiac tissue...

Cell Signalling in Yeast

Group leader
  • Mª Angeles De La Torre Ruiz

Our current research areas have both a basic and applied orientation: Basic orientation: Responses to stress mediated by signal transduction pathways (TOR, Ras / PKA, AMPK/Snf1, Pkc1-MAPK, GCN2, PDK1/YPK1...

Clinical and experimental research in digestive and hematological pathology

Group leader
  • Josep Maria Reñé Espinet

Our group’s research deals with colorectal carcinogenesis and with hematologic diseases...

Metabolic physiopathology

Group leader
  • Reinald Pamplona Gras

The overall goal of our investigations concerned the role of metabolism and oxidative stress (including free radical chemistry, redox biology and antioxidants) in the aging process and age-associated diseases...

Molecular biology of yeast

Group leader
  • Gemma Belli Martinez

The group studies the effect of environmental stress conditions on cell proliferation in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a model for a genetically manipulable unicellular eukaryotic organism, as well as the transduction pathways and enzymatic systems involved in the defense and repair of stress damage...

Nutrition, Metabolism and Microbiota in patients with heart failure (NUTRIMMIC)

Group leaders
  • Jose Luis Morales Rull
  • Amalia Zapata Rojas

The group is composed of basic and clinical researchers, our research focuses on the field of Heart Failure (HF), a disease with growing prevalence in developed countries...

Systems biology and statistical methods for biomedical research

Group leaders
  • Rui Carlos Vaqueiro De Castro Alves
  • Montserrat Rué Monné
  • Albert Sorribas Tello

The group focuses on two parallel research lines: Systems Biology and Statistical Methods for Biomedical Research...