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Nutrition, Metabolism and Microbiota in patients with heart failure (NUTRIMMIC)

The group is composed of basic and clinical researchers, our research focuses on the field of Heart Failure (HF), a disease with growing prevalence in developed countries. Our research aims to know how the nutritional factors and intestinal microbiota affect the development and prognosis of heart failure. Patients with heart failure show an inflammatory status associated with iron deficit. It is hypothesized that malnutrition and alteration of the gut microbiota are responsible for perpetuating inflammation.

The objective of the clinical line is to determine the nutritional status, adherence to the Mediterranean diet and composition of the gut microbiota of patients with heart failure. The basic line aims to generate a murine experimental model of heart failure and analyze the relationships between microbiota and inflammation.

The observations obtained in the basic line about the relationships between microbiota and inflammation, will allow us to transfer knowledge from basic to the clinical line to design specific nutritional and supplementation strategies in order to modify the composition of the intestinal flora and reduce inflammation.

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Morales-Rull JL; Bielsa S; Conde-Martel A; Aramburu-Bodas O; Llàcer P; Quesada MA; Suárez-Pedreira I; Manzano L; Barquero MM; Porcel JM

Pleural effusions in acute decompensated heart failure: Prevalence and prognostic implications



Trullàs JC; Casado, J; Morales-Rull, JL; Formiga, F; Manzano, L

Prevalence and outcome of diuretic resistance in heart failure: reply

Internal and emergency medicine 14 633-634. .


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