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Metabolic physiopathology

The overall goal of our investigations concerned the role of metabolism and oxidative stress (including free radical chemistry, redox biology and antioxidants) in the aging process and age-associated diseases. We have investigated the role of metabolism and oxidative stress in animal models (vertebrates and invertebrates) and humans in which aging rate and longevity are different or are experimentally modified (e.g. caloric restriction, methionine restriction, and genetic manipulations) or pathologically affected (e.g. metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegeneratives diseases). If the aging process could be slowed or even reverted the incidence of age-related diseases would diminish significantly.

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Fourcade S; Morató L; Parameswaran J; Ruiz M; Ruiz-Cortés T; Jové M; Naudí A; Martínez-Redondo P; Dierssen M; Ferrer I; Villarroya F; Pamplona R; Vaquero A; Portero-Otín M; Pujol A

Loss of SIRT2 leads to axonal degeneration and locomotor disability associated with redox and energy imbalance

AGING CELL 16 1404-1413. .


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