Jordi Calderó Pardo

Jordi Calderó Pardo

Degree: PhD

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  • Salvany, S; Casanovas, A; Piedrafita, L; Gras, S; Caldero, J; Esquerda, JE

    Accumulation of misfolded SOD1 outlines distinct patterns of motor neuron pathology and death during disease progression in a SOD1(G93A) mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.



  • Franco-Espin, J; Gatius, A; Armengol, JA; Arumugam, S; Moradi, M; Sendtner, M; Caldero, J; Tabares, L

    SMN Is Physiologically Downregulated at Wild-Type Motor Nerve Terminals but Aggregates Together with Neurofilaments in SMA Mouse Models.

    Biomolecules 12 -. .


  • Gras S; Blasco A; Modol-Caballero, G; Tarabal O; Casanovas A; Piedrafita L; Barranco A; Das T; Rueda R; Pereira SL; Navarro X; Esquerda JE; Calderó J

    Beneficial effects of dietary supplementation with green tea catechins and cocoa flavanols on aging-related regressive changes in the mouse neuromuscular system

    Aging-US 13 18051-18093. .


  • Gras, S; Blasco, A; Modol-Caballero, G; Tarabal, O; CASANOVAS, A; PIEDRAFITA, L; Barranco, A; Das, T; Salvany, S; Gatius, A; Pereira, SL; Navarro, X; Rueda, R; ESQUERDA, JE; CALDERO, J

    Motoneuron deafferentation and neuroinflammation in association with aging in the spinal cord of C57BL/6J mice.

    Glia 69 474-475. .

  • Salvany, S; CASANOVAS, A; PIEDRAFITA, L; Gras, S; Blasco, A; Gatius, A; Tarabal, O; Hernandez, S; CALDERO, J; ESQUERDA, JE

    Necroptosis and microglial phagocytosis of extracellular vesicles as an early mechanisms involved in the disruption of afferent synaptic terminals on spinal cord motor neurons after acute peripheral nerve injury

    Glia 69 317-318. .

  • Salvany S; Casanovas A; Piedrafita L; Tarabal O; Hernández S; Calderó J; Esquerda JE

    Microglial recruitment and mechanisms involved in the disruption of afferent synaptic terminals on spinal cord motor neurons after acute peripheral nerve injury.

    Glia 69 1216-1240. .


  • Blasco, A; Gras, S; Mòdol-Caballero G; Tarabal, O; Casanovas, A; Piedrafita, L; Barranco, A; Das, T; Pereira, SL; Navarro, X; Rueda, R; Esquerda, JE; Caldero, J

    Motoneuron deafferentation and gliosis occur in association with neuromuscular regressive changes during ageing in mice.

    Journal of Cachexia Sarcopenia and Muscle 11 1628-1660. .


  • Berciano, MT; Puente-Bedia, A; Medina-Samame, A; Rodriguez-Rey, JC; Caldero, J; Lafarga, M; Tapia, O

    Nusinersen ameliorates motor function and prevents motoneuron Cajal body disassembly and abnormal poly(A) RNA distribution in a SMA mouse model.

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10 10738-10738. .


  • Gatius, A; Tarabal, O; Cayuela, P; Casanovas, A; Piedrafita, L; Salvany, S; Hernandez, S; Soler, RM; Esquerda, JE; Caldero, J

    The Y172 Monoclonal Antibody Against p-c-Jun (Ser63) Is a Marker of the Postsynaptic Compartment of C-Type Cholinergic Afferent Synapses on Motoneurons



  • Salvany, S; Casanovas, A; Tarabal, O; Piedrafita, L; Hernandez, S; Santafe, M; Soto-Bernardini, MC; Caldero, J; Schwab, MH; Esquerda, JE

    Localization and dynamic changes of neuregulin-1 at C-type synaptic boutons in association with motor neuron injury and repair

    FASEB JOURNAL 33 7833-7851. .


  • Cervero, C; Blasco, A; Tarabal, O; Casanovas, A; Piedrafita, L; Navarro, X; Esquerda, JE; Caldero, J

    Glial Activation and Central Synapse Loss, but Not Motoneuron Degeneration, Are Prevented by the Sigma-1 Receptor Agonist PRE-084 in the Smn(2B/-) Mouse Model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy



  • Narcis, JO; Tapia, O; Tarabal, O; Piedrafita, L; Caldero, J; Berciano, MT; Lafarga, M

    Accumulation of poly(A) RNA in nuclear granules enriched in Sam68 in motor neurons from the SMN Delta 7 mouse model of SMA

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8 9646-9646. .



  • Preclinical Analisis of new combinatorial treatments for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA): Effects on motorneuron survival, synaptic integrity, and skeletal muscle preservation.
  • El sistema NRG1-ErbBs en la arquitectura molecular de las sinapsis aferentes de tipo C y su significado en las enfermedades de la motoneurona
  • Los aferentes sinápticos de tipo C en las motoneuronas: implicaciones en la fisiopatología y terapia de la esclerosis lateral amiotrófica y de la atrofia muscular espinal (Motoneurona)
  • Caracterización fenotípica y estrategias terapéuticas en modelos murinos de atrofia muscular espinal (AME)
  • Mecanismos de neurodegeneración en modelos animales de atrofia muscular espinal y ensayos de neuroprotección con litio
  • Mecanismes excitotòxics, resposta neuroinflamatòria i factors sèrics en l´esclerosi lateral amiotròfica humana i experimental
  • Mecanismos de degeneración excitotóxica en las motoneuronas espinales y efecto neuroprotector del litio: relevancia en el contexto de la esclerosis lateral amiotrófica