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Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases Group

The Group of Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases is a multidisciplinary group that integrates different professional profiles for development of translational research. Our main research lines are focused on the personalized management of patients with chronic diseases. The aim of the group is to understand the physiopathological components of the chronic diseases, in order to; i) achieve an accurate classification of the patients, ii) to develop non-pharmacological strategies and precision medicine tools to promote disease prevention, treatment and management, iii) contribute of sustainability of health and care systems in chronic diseases, iv) to create mHealth platforms for clinical monitoring, telemedicine and personalized follow-up

The main line of investigation combines basic, clinical and traslational research:

  • Animal models of intermittent hypoxia.
  • Molecular profile of cardiovascular risk in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • Precision Medicine in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Navarro-Soriano, Cristina; Martinez-Garcia, Miguel-Angel; Torres, Gerard; Barbe, Ferran; Caballero-Eraso, Candela; Lloberes, Patricia; Diaz Cambriles, Trinidad; Somoza, Maria; Masa, Juan F; Gonzalez, Monica; Mañas E; de la Peña M; Garcia-Rio, Francisco; Montserrat, Josep M; Muriel, Alfonso; Oscullo, Grace; Feced Olmos, Laura; Garcia-Ortega, Alberto; Calhoun, David; Campos-Rodriguez, Francisco; on behalf the Spanish Sleep Network

Effect of continuous positive airway pressure in patients with true refractory hypertension and sleep apnea: a post-hoc intention-to-treat analysis of the HIPARCO randomized clinical trial.



Campos-Rodriguez F; Navarro-Soriano C; Reyes-Nuñez N; Torres G; Caballero-Eraso C; Lloberes P; Diaz-Cambriles T; Somoza M; Masa JF; Gonzalez M; Mañas E; de la Peña M; Barbe F; Garcia-Rio F; Montserrat JM; Muriel A; Garcia-Ortega A; Selma MJ; Martinez-Garcia MA

Good long-term adherence to continuous positive airway pressure therapy in patients with resistant hypertension and sleep apnea.



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