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Oxidative stress biochemistry

The purpose of this group's research is to analyze the impact of oxidative stress on cellular functions. In this regard we analyze the production of reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage in macromolecules. The models used are yeasts and primary cultures of cardiomyocytes and neurons. In them, the deregulation of the iron metabolism is analyzed. In this regard, using proteomic type approaches, we are analyzing the relationship between oxidative stress and damage to macromolecules, cells that are deficient in frataxin, which lead to the accumulation of intracellular iron that have parallelisms with human diseases such as Friedrich's ataxia.

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Alsina, David; Ros, Joaquim; Tamarit, Jordi

Nitric oxide prevents Aft1 activation and metabolic remodeling in frataxin-deficient yeast

Redox Biology 14 131-141. .


Purroy, R.; Britti, E.; Delaspre, F.; Tamarit, J.; Ros, J.

Mitochondrial pore opening and loss of Ca2+ exchanger NCLX levels occur after frataxin depletion



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Joaquim Ros Salvador

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