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Cell signalling and apoptosis group

The lines of research of the Cell Signaling and Apoptosis Group are:

  • Study of the neurotrophic factors and the intracellular signaling pathways activated by these factors in relation to their function in survival and neuronal death.
  • Study of the processes that regulate cell death in the heart tissue. Knowledge of the mechanisms involved in these processes is essential to address the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Featured publications

Blasco N; Beà A; Barés G; Girón C; Navaridas R; Irazoki A; López-Lluch G; Zorzano A; Dolcet X; Llovera M; Sanchis D

Involvement of the mitochondrial nuclease EndoG in the regulation of cell proliferation through the control of reactive oxygen species

Redox Biology 37 101736-101736. .


Santamaria-Martos, F; Benitez, I; Zapater, A; Giron, C; Pinilla, L; Fernandez-Real, JM; Barbe, F; Ortega, FJ; Sanchez-de-la-Torre, M

Identification and validation of circulating miRNAs as endogenous controls in obstructive sleep apnea

PLOS ONE 14 e0213622-. .


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