The researcher in training Fernando Santamaría wins the contest "Present your thesis in 4 minutes"

The competition is organized by the FCRi together with twelve Catalan universities

The researcher of the Translational Research in Respiratory Medicine Group Fernando Santamaría has won the contest "Present your thesis in 4 minutes" organized by the Catalan Universities and FCRI, with the support of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia. In this way, will pass to the final phase of the contest in which there will be a representative of each of the Catalan universities. Santamaría has participated with what will be his thesis entitled "The miRNAs as a new method in the management of obstructive sleep apnea".

The objective is to propose to PhD students, from any scientific discipline, the challenge of explaining their research during a maximum time of 4 minutes with a simple and easily understandable language for a non-specialized public.

The final phase will be held on Wednesday June 6 at Movistar Centro, Barcelona. Twelve doctoral students from each of the participating Catalan universities will participate.

The presentation of the thesis the last 9th May at the University of Lleida.