'El Bus de la Salut' present at the Fourth Conference ICT R & D Health and Social Vic 2016

'El Bus de la Salud' is an integrated project involving the IRBLleida Translational research groups

Lleida, September 30, 2016 'El Bus de la Salut' is present at the Sixth Conference R & D and ICT Social and Health 2016 taking place on 29 and 30 September in Vic. The aim of the conference, which until now had been held in Girona, is to enhance the visibility of key players in the ICT sector, Health and Social. At the same time the Conference constitute a reference platform for knowledge transfer, which helps to align the world of research, business and support for converged solutions of a higher added value. Today, 30 September, from 10 to 15 h organized groups to visit 'El Bus de la Salut' and make their work in testing for early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and kidney. 'El Bus de la Salut' is located right next to the building Vic Sucre, where the Congress takes place. In addition, one of the project leaders, Àngels Betriu, yesterday presented the project to attendees at the conference. 'El Bus de la Salut' is an integrated project involving the IRBLleida Translational research groups. Until 31 August 2016, a total of 4,234 people (2,067 men and 2,167 women) from primary care, risk factors and in the age group 45 to 70 years, there have been tests early diagnosis of cardiovascular and renal the Health Bus' for a year and a half duration of the project (January 2015 - August 2016). Of the total number of people visited, 65% showed atheromatous disease hidden (presence of plaques of fat in the arteries) and 18.6%, kidney disease not known. Overall, throughout the period, 48 people have been derived (1.13%) to complete the study vascular hospital. The Health Bus' began in January 2015 his tour of the province of Lleida. People with primary care risk factors and in the age group 45 to 70 years are cited at random to perform circuit tests painless and without side effects, which require about 60 minutes per individual. In the case of a person who meets the requirements and is interested to take the tests, but not selected, you can ask your family medical professional to make sure the tests Unit Diagnosis and Treatment of atherothrombotic diseases (UDETMA) of the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, the CAP or CAP Borges Blanques Cappont Lleida. UDETMA, Lleida Provincial Council, the Foundation Renal James Arnó, together with the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, want to turn the Lleida pioneer in the prevention of cardiovascular and renal change habits unhealthy the population and make them aware of the social importance of organ donation. The tests begin with an interview to know the lifestyle and eating habits, spirometry, surveys and daytime sleep testing skin autofluorescence. Collect a sample of blood and urine to keep them in a biobank for future studies. There also extracted a blood sample by a finger prick and a small urine sample (the bus has WC) to find out the kidneys, what is the level of cholesterol and other parameters. Using ultrasound (such as those made during pregnancy) displays the status of the carotid arteries (located on the neck), the femoral arteries (located in the groin) and brain (transcranial ultrasound). All test results are recorded in the medical history of the patients and their family medicine professional will determine the lifestyle changes or treatment that is individualized depending on the results.