The Scientific-Technical Service of Lipidomics of the IRBLleida, at the 1st Congress of the Spanish Society of Metabolomics

It will also be present at the 18th International Conference of the Metabolic Society.

The team of professionals of the Lipidomics Technical Scientific Service of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Lleida (IRBLleida) will participate with several communications in the 1st Congress of the Spanish Society of Metabolomics (SESMet), which will take place from 18 to 19 June in Valencia. The event will bring together, for the first time, the main players in the field of metabolomics (the study of the traces left by specific cellular processes) with the aim of sharing an update in this area.

On the other hand, and coinciding with the dates and location, from 19 to 23 June in Valencia, the professionals of this service will also participate in the 18th International Conference of the Metabolics Society, the main organisation dedicated to the development of research based on metabolism, with more than a thousand members in more than 40 countries.

The conference is being held for the first time in Spain and will present the latest scientific advances in the fields of technology, bioinformatics, metabolomics applications in health and disease, exposomics and a focus on metabolomics in agriculture, plants, food and nutrition. The scientific programme will include plenary and keynote talks, parallel scientific sessions, poster sessions, sponsored lunches and other networking events.

The Lipidomics Technical Scientific Service of IRBLleida is responsible for detecting, identifying and quantifying the totality of lipid species in a system (cells, tissues, organs, food, etc...), as well as defining lipid profiles in physiological and pathological conditions and identifying new lipid biomarkers.

It has the support and co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union, and the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, to develop and consolidate the Lipidomics Platform of Catalonia (PLICAT), official aid code number IU16-015805. PLICAT aims to be a benchmark in the study of lipids (fats) in biomedical research, as well as in pharmaceutical and food industry studies.

The ERDF grants aim to provide the scientific community with equipment and platforms that promote scientific and technological excellence, especially in relation to the transversal enabling technologies included in the Research and Innovation Strategy for the Intelligent Specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT).

The team of professionals of the Lipidomics Technical Scientific Service