Area: Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health

Area coordinator: Dr. Oriol Yuguero Torres

In this area we want to respond to epidemiological challenges with clinical and basic researchers. We combine our research to see the impact on public health and the environment around us of all the pathologies we attend in our care centers.

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Applied epidemiology

Group leader
  • Pere Godoy Garcia

This is a multidisciplinary group set up by doctors specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and specialists in Family and Community Medicine that research the applications of epidemiology in the study of epidemic outbreaks, the investigation of risk factors for transmissible diseases, the stimation of coverage of periodic preventive activities in primary health care and pharmacoepidemiology...

Genetics of complex diseases

Group leader
  • Joan Fibla Palazon

The group has been conducting research since January 1995 in the study of the genetic variability of the Vitamin D Receptor and its role in the susceptibility to HIV infection and the clinical progression of AIDS...

Indicators and specifications of the quality in the Clinical Laboratory

Group leader
  • Maria Mercedes Ibarz Escuer

Interdisciplinary group with medical specialists belonging to the Clinical Laboratories of the Catalan Institute of Health...

Intensive Medicine

Group leaders
  • Jose Javier Trujillano Cabello
  • Jesus Caballero Lopez

The group's research is focused on improving safety in relation to the follow-up of patients with nosocomial infection, pulmonary disorders and/or artificial nutrition, as well as monitoring the quality of life of post-ICU patients, the assessment of the severity of the patients’ conditions and the construction of models to predict outcome...

Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacodynamics (P&P)

Group leader
  • Juan Antonio Schoenenberger Arnaiz

The Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacodynamics (P&P) Research Group is a multidisciplinary group that includes medical doctors from different specialties, pharmacists from different specialties, and graduates in nursing...

Translational Research Group on Infectious Diseases of Lleida

Group leader
  • Eva González De La Fuente

The Translational Research Group on Infectious Diseases of Lleida (TRIDLE) works in the following lines of research: Sepsis and infections of the bloodstream HIV Healthcare-related infections Antimicrobial Administration, Clinical Microbiology Tropical diseases and imported pathology ...

Urgency and Emergency Multi-disciplinary Research Group

Group leader
  • Oriol Yuguero Torres

The main challenge of our group is to improve the urgent assistance we provide to the citizens of our healthcare region in the field of urgency...