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The Neuroimmunology group is a translational group made up of clinical and basic researchers and researchers collaborating with other centres that complement our experience in neuroimmunology.

The principal investigator is Dr. Luis Brieva Ruiz, head of the neurology section of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital of Lleida (HUAV) and pioneer in research into multiple sclerosis (MS) and in creating a reference unit in the care of patients with MS in the province of Lleida since 2000. In this unit, the patient has been treated in a comprehensive manner, receiving clinical, pharmacological, cognitive, emotional and rehabilitative care from the moment of diagnosis.

The current professionals who belong to this unit and who make up the Neuroimmunology group in addition to Dr. Brieva are: Dr. Cristina Gonzàlez, Doctor in Neurology at HUAV, Dr. Agustín Sancho, Neurologist at HUAV, Dr. Laura Quibus, Neurologist at HUAV, Silvia Peralta, nurse at the HUAV Day Hospital, Anna Gil, Neuropsychologist and coordinator of the clinical and basic research of the group and the collaborating researchers Dr. Pascual Torres, expert in Biomedicine and laboratory techniques, Dr. Hugo Gonzalo, PhD in metabolic physiopathology and scientific advisor, Dr. Jose Vicente Hervás, neurologist at the Hospital Broggi de Sant Joan Despí and the researcher Lara Nogueras, PhD in Neurosciences.

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Gonzalez-Mingot, C; Sanchez-Monge, IR; Purroy, F; Solana-Moga, MJ; Peralta-Moncusi, S; Lazo-Latorre, C; Gil-Villar, MP; Brieva, L

Environmental-analytical risk factors influence on the phenotype of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in a rural setting



Fernandez, O; Oterino, A; Oreja-Guevara, C; Prieto, JM; del Mar Mendibe-Bilbao, Maria; Garcia-Merino, JA; Ramio-Torrenta, L; Ginestal, R; Meca-Lallana, JE; Romero-Pinel, L; Munoz, D; Oliva-Nacarino, P; Carmen Calles-Hernandez, M.; Izquierdo, G; Luisa Martinez-Gines, M.; Saiz, A; Comabella, M; Casanova-Estruch, B; Brieva, L; Arroyo, R; Rodriguez-Antiguedad, A

Review of the novelties from the 32nd ECTRIMS Congress, 2016, presented at the 9th Post-ECTRIMS Meeting (II)



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