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The Clinical Neurosciences group was created with the aim of bringing together all the neurological research carried out in the Lleida hospital setting in 2008. It is led and coordinated by Dr. Francesc Purroy. Currently, it is a translational research group made up of different professional profiles (neurologists, radiologists, psychologists, nurses, vascular surgeons, geriatricians, psychologists, clinical biochemists, biologists, biotechnologists, and biomedicians). The group is subdivided into two nodes representing research in cerebrovascular diseases and research in cognitive impairment:

  • Cerebrovascular diseases
    The group aims to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients, through the identification of biomarkers (neuroimaging, biologics) and the understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in strokes. It is developing a clinical trial of remote ischemic tolerance in patients with stroke code criteria (study REMOTECAT- trialsgov NCT03375762). It is part of the "Spanish Network of Cerebral Vascular Diseases" of the Carlos III Institute (INVICTUS-plus).
  • Cognitive impairment
    It aims to improve the diagnosis of people with cognitive impairment through biological biomarkers and its association with sleep pathology.

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Kelly, PJ; Murphy, S; Coveney, S; Purroy, F; Lemmens, R; Tsivgoulis, G; Price, C

Anti-inflammatory approaches to ischaemic stroke prevention



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