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Oncological pathology

The group studies the molecular alterations of endometrial, thyroid and skin cancers, in correlation with clinical and pathological characteristics:

  1. Study of genes involved in apoptosis in endometrial and skin cancer (NFkB, survivin, PTEN, BAX, death recipients and their ligands, Flip)
  2. Expression profiles in endometrial, thyroid and melanoma cancers
  3. Response of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and somatostatin analogues in melanoma cell lines.

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Garrido P; Aldaz A; Vera R; Calleja MA; de Álava E; Martín M; Matías-Guiu X; Palacios J

Proposal for the creation of a national strategy for precision medicine in cancer: a position statement of SEOM, SEAP, and SEFH



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Xavier Matias-Guiu Guia

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