IRBLleida acquires small equipment for research staff thanks to the support of the Diputación de Lleida

Equipment necessary for the day-to-day running of the school has been purchased

The Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida (IRBLleida) has purchased 7 small equipments to facilitate the research tasks of the institute's staff. The IRBLleida obtains an improvement in its facilities thanks to a grant from the Diputació de Lleida for the renovation of small equipment. Specifically, the Diputació de Lleida has offered a total of 40,000 € for these purchases, 20,000 € in 2023 and 20,000 € in 2022.

During the past 2023, IRBLleida was able to invest in small equipment, among which the following stand out:

  • EPOCH2 plate reader located in room b3.5 of Biomedicine I: a device that allows measuring plate absorbance by analyzing different biochemical parameters.
  • Autoclave located in the cleaning room, floor -1 of Biomedicine II: a device for sterilizing laboratory instruments and materials by means of heat and pressure, which eliminates microorganisms and other infectious agents.
  • Refrigerated centrifuge located in the culture room 3.16 of Biomedicine II: equipment used to separate the components of a sample using centrifugal forces at a conditioned temperature.

This grant represents the second consecutive year in which the Diputació de Lleida supports the IRBLleida for the renewal of its equipment. Last year, the investments included the acquisition of:

  • Geldoc Imagin System located in room b0.2 of Biomedicine II: an advanced system for the detection and analysis of amino acids and proteins.
  • 3 thermal cyclers located in rooms b0.2, b1.3 of Biomedicine I and b2.12 of Biomedicine II: devices that allow the amplification of nucleic acids by PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Through this continued collaboration with the IRBLleida, the Diputació de Lleida shows its commitment to the research and development of new technologies.

The small equipment is located in the Biomedicine building