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  • Mitjans, M; Papiol, S; Barrot, C; Guardiola-Ripoll, M; Gimenez-Palomo, A; Gavin, P; Oraki Kohshour M; Acosta, M; Pomarol-Clotet, E; Castella-Garcia, J; Perez-Perez, RM; Gutierrez, B; Schulze, TG; Fatjo-Vilas, M; Arias, B; Benabarre, A

    Completed suicide is associated with a higher polygenic burden for psychiatric disorders.



  • Yuguero O; Blasco-Belled A; Vilela Á; Alsinet C

    Happiness is related to cardiovascular risk: a cross-sectional study in Spain.

    Psychology Health & Medicine 27 1-7. .


  • Arispe INSR; Mora JRM; Torres, OY; Bravo, MO

    A retrospective HEART risk score comparation of acute non-traumatic chest pain patients in an emergency department in Spain.

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 11 23268-23268. .


  • Torres, OY

    Should we allow relatives into the cardiopulmonary resuscitation room?

    EMERGENCIAS 33 470-471. .

  • Torres, OY; Fernandez, J; Justribo, E; Gonzalez, E; Vena, A

    Impact of the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic Lockdown on Sexually Transmitted Urethritis in a Spanish Health Region



  • Solà-Muñoz S; Yuguero O; Azeli Y; Roig G; Prieto-Arruñada JA; Español J; Morales-Álvarez J; Muñoz M; Verge JJ; Jiménez-Fàbrega X

    Impact on polytrauma patient prehospital care during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study.

    European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery 47 1-8. .


  • Yuguero, Oriol; Calahorra, Marta; Cuevas, Sabrina; Gimenez, Natalia; Hernandez, Inaki; Lacasta, Jose Daniel; Porque, Juliana; Pardos, Cesar

    Cross-sectional study of SARS-CoV2 clinical characteristics in an immigrant population attended in a Hospital Emergency Department in the Catalunya Health Region in Spain.

    Journal Of Migration And Health 4 100055-100055. .


  • Fernandez-Suarez, A; Torres, OY

    Survival Analysis of Geriatric Patients with Low Digestive Hemorrhage Attending an Emergency Department

    GERONTOLOGY 67 314-319. .


  • Oro, P; Esquerda, M; Mas, B; Viñas J; Yuguero, O; Pifarre, J

    Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Programme on Perceived Stress, Psychopathological Symptomatology and Burnout in Medical Students.

    Mindfulness 12 1-10. .


  • Yuguero, Oriol; Guzman, Marianela; Vidal, Carmel; Pardos, Cesar; Gros, Silvia; Viladrosa, Maria

    COVID infection displaces serious cardiovascular disease from the resuscitation room.



  • Yuguero O; Fernández-Armenteros JM; Vilela Á; Aramburu J; Laín R; Godoy P

    Preliminary Results of a Screening Programme for Chlamydia in an Asymptomatic Young Population in Spain.

    Frontiers in Public Health 9 615110-615110. .


  • Yuguero O; Cabases A; Bertran S; Molins C; Paredes P; Ramirez M

    Should Screening for Chlamydia Trachomatis Be Performed on Asymptomatic Young Adults as well as on the Victims of Sexual Assault?

    Women's Health Reports (new Rochelle, N.Y.) 2 20-22. .