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ERLab, research in emergency medicine

ERLab is the only research group linked to emergency pathology research in Catalonia and the rest of the country. It is made up of healthcare professionals from Hospital Emergency Departments, Primary Care Emergency Departments and the out-of-hospital area.

Ours is a group made up of professionals with a great dedication to care, which is why the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that our tasks have been greatly reorganised. Even so, we have been able to carry out research and publish the results of our work. And over the years of the group's trajectory, we have been awarded various competitive projects. We have always maintained a public health vocation, since Arnau de Vilanova is the only 2nd level hospital in our health region and territory.

Our group has established working alliances with other research groups of the IRBLleida, as well as with the Department of Legal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lleida or with the Chair of Social Innovation, also of the University of Lleida. With the Medical Emergency System, we work on joint projects in Catalonia.

Faced with the challenge of the situation of emergency professionals, we also collaborate with the Galatea Foundation to find solutions to improve emotional well-being and carry out research projects in this field.

We are currently carrying out two competitive projects and other small projects aimed at improving our care for the patients we attend throughout the emergency process.

Featured publications

Yuguero, O; Marsal, JR; Buti, M; Esquerda, M; Soler-Gonzalez, J

Descriptive study of association between quality of care and empathy and burnout in primary care



Yuguero O; Casanova JM; Manonelles A; Godoy P

Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Patients Seen at a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic



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Oriol Yuguero Torres

Oriol Yuguero Torres

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