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  • Balada, F; Aluja, A; García, O; Aymamí, N; García, LF

    Prefrontal activity during IOWA Gambling Task in young adult women



  • Aluja, A; Balada, F; Atitsogbe, KA; Rossier, J; García, LF

    Convergence of the dimensional assessment of personality pathology (DAPP-BQ) and the five-factor personality inventory for the international classification of diseases 11th edition (FFiCD) in the context of the five-factor model and personality disorders

    BMC Psychiatry 24 386-386. .


  • García, LF; Cuevas, L; Escorial, S; Balada, F; Garcia, O; Aluja, A

    Re-exploring the relationships of humor styles with dark triad and self-esteem using structural equation modelling



  • Weiss, A; Luciano, M; Aluja, A

    Associations Between a General Factor and Group Factor from the Spanish-Language Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised Short Form's Neuroticism Scale and the Revised NEO Personality Inventory Domains and Facets

    Journal Of Personality Assessment 1-11. .


  • Gutiérrez, F; Peri, JM; Aluja, A; Baillés, E; Sureda, B; Gutiérrez-Zotes, A; Vall, G; Calvo, N; Ferrer, M; Cavero, M; Mallorquí, A; Villamón, SE; de Alba, AM; Rodríguez, MAR

    Differentiating Abnormal, Normal, and Ideal Personality Profiles in Multidimensional Spaces

    Journal Of Individual Differences 44 215-222. .


  • Le Corff, Y; Aluja, A; Atitsogbe, K; Courtois, R; Dahourou, D; Forget, K; Hansenne, M; Kounou, KB; Lapalme, M; Oltmanns, JR; Rolland, JP; Rossier, J; Tipandjan, A; Widiger, T

    Validity of the Five-Factor Inventory for ICD-11 across nine countries

    European Journal of Psychology Open 82 271-272. .

  • Aluja A; Balada F; García O; García LF

    Psychological predictors of risky driving: the role of age, gender, personality traits (Zuckerman's and Gray's models), and decision-making styles.

    Frontiers in Psychology 14 1058927-1058927. .


  • Gutiérrez, F; Aluja, A; Rodríguez, JR; Peri, JM; Gárriz, M; Garcia, LF; Sorrel, MA; Sureda, B; Vall, G; Ferrer, M; Calvo, N

    Borderline, Where Are You? A Psychometric Approach to the Personality Domains in the International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision (ICD-11)



  • Gutiérrez F; Aluja A; Rodríguez C; Gárriz M; Peri JM; Gallart S; Calvo N; Ferrer M; Gutiérrez-Zotes A; Soler J; Pascual JC

    Severity in the ICD-11 personality disorder model: Evaluation in a Spanish mixed sample.

    Frontiers in Psychiatry 13 1015489-1015489. .


  • Aluja A.; Balada F.; García O.; Aymami N.; García L.F.

    `Association study of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, impulsivity personality traits and moderate alcohol consumption in men



  • Cekrlija Ð.; Balada F.; Garcia L.F.; Aluja A.

    Factor invariance of the Humor Styles Questionnaire and its relationship with the HEXACO personality model in a Spanish community sample

    European Journal Of Humour Research 11 123-144. .


  • Le Corff Y; Aluja A; Rossi G; Lapalme M; Forget K; García LF; Rolland JP

    Construct Validity of the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish LPFS-BF 2.0: Measurement Invariance Across Language and Gender and Criterion Validity.

    Journal Of Personality Disorders 36 662-679. .