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Digestive Diseases Research Group - DdRG

The Digestive Diseases Research Group gathers a combination of researchers around common objectives on the study of the epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. The research activities of our group are mainly clinical, original or collaborative, although we are eager to participate in fundamental basic research projects. Current lines of research focus on digestive endoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease, liver diseases, pancreatic diseases and gastrointestinal diseases and nutrition. Soon, we will also establish a research line in digestive motility and functional diseases.

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Nicoara-Farcau O; Lozano JJ; Alonso C; Sidorova J; Villanueva C; Albillos A; Genescà J; Llop E; Calleja JL; Aracil C; Bañares R; Morillas R; Poca M; Peñas B; Augustin S; Tantau M; Thompson M; Perez-Campuzano V; Baiges A; Turon F; Hernandez-Gea V; Abraldes JG; Tapias EA; Torres F; Bosch J; Garcia-Pagan JC

Metabolomics as a tool to predict the risk of decompensation or liver related death in patients with compensated cirrhosis.

Hepatology 77 2052-2062. .


Mormeneo Bayo S; Bellés Bellés A; Vázquez Gómez D; Planella de Rubinat M; Bayas Pastor DC; Morales Portillo A; Jover Sáenz A; López González É; Prim N; García-González M

Antibiotic Susceptibility and Clarithromycin Resistance Determinants in Helicobacter pylori in the Northeast of Spain: A One-Year Prospective Study.

Antibiotics-Basel 12 -. .


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Francesc Xavier Molero Richard

Francesc Xavier Molero Richard