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Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Group on Musculoskeletal Pathology, Fragility and Pain Management

Our research group is clinical and multidisciplinary to promote patient-centered medicine encompassing diverse and complementary visions of musculoskeletal pathology.

It is composed of medical health personnel, nurses, and physiotherapists from different levels of care and two hospitals in the same territory but with differentiated patient and pathology profiles.

The doctors come from training in various specialties related to a greater or lesser extent with musculoskeletal pathology such as Orthopedic Surgery, Geriatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or the Pain Clinic, forming 8 strongly interrelated subgroups:

  1. Spine
  2. Pain
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Traumatology
  5. Prosthetics
  6. Upper limb
  7. Ortho-geriatrics and Fragility
  8. Neurosurgery

with many common projects and others more specific

The work of our group focuses on four main lines of research:

  1. Aspects related to perioperative surgery in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology.
  2. Clinical measurement of treatment, surgical, semi-invasive and non-invasive results.
  3. Evaluation of the repercussions of fragility, especially in the hospital setting in relation to hip fractures.
  4. Risk assessment through big data analysis systems / Machine learning.

Featured publications

Vicente-Pascual, M; Gallego-Sanchez, Y; Vazquez-Justes, D; Andreu-Mencia, L

Idiopathic hypoglossal nerve palsy etiology. Systematic review

Revista Orl 12 -. .


de Miguel Artal, Mariano; Roca Chacon, Olga; Martinez-Alonso, Montse; Serrano Godoy, Marcos; Mas Atance, Jaume; Garcia Gutierrez, Roberto

Fractura de cadera en el paciente anciano: factores pronóstico de mortalidad y recuperación funcional al año.

Revista espanola de geriatria y gerontologia 53 247-254. .


Mas-Atance J; Gil-García MI; Jover-Sáenz A; Curià-Jové E; Jové-Talavera R; Charlez-Marco A; Ibars-Valverde Z; Fernández-Martínez JJ

Septic arthritis of a posterior lumbar facet joint in an infant: a case report.

Spine 34 -. .


Jover Saenz, A.; Barcenilla Gaite, F.; Puig Gros, J. Torres; Mas Atance, J.; Garrido Calvo, S.; Porcel Perez, J. M.

Total prosthetic knee and hip joint infection. Descriptive epidemiology, therapeutics and evolution in a secondary hospital during ten years

Anales De Medicina Interna 24 19-23. .

Jover Sáenz A; Barcenilla Gaite F; Torres Puig Gros J; Mas Atance J; Garrido Calvo S; PORCEL PÉREZ, JOSE MANUEL

Infección de prótesis total de rodilla y cadera. Epidemiología descriptiva, terapéutica y evolución en un hospital de segundo nivel durante 10 años.

Anales De Medicina Interna 24 19-23. .

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Jaume Mas Atance

Jaume Mas Atance