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Urgency and Emergency Multi-disciplinary Research Group

The main challenge of our group is to improve the urgent assistance we provide to the citizens of our healthcare region in the field of urgency. We want to transfer the results obtained through our investigations and projects in the clinical field in our guides of action and welfare procedures that we use to the Emergency services. We will promote the research and study of the impact of health education on practicing healthcare professionals. We intend to conduct research in a fundamental social area from urgency, domestic violence, patient safety and mortality.

We believe that by carrying out this approach from the three aforementioned aspects we intend to increase the quest for excellence in the field of urgency. Providing a new vision, mainly in the objectives of education and the more legal blindness.

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Yuguero O; Marsal JR; Buti M; Esquerda M; Soler-González J

Descriptive study of association between quality of care and empathy and burnout in primary care



Yuguero O; Casanova JM; Manonelles A; Godoy P

Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Patients Seen at a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic



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Oriol Yuguero Torres

Oriol Yuguero Torres

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