Catalan football referees are more mature than the population of the same age

The results explain psychological features of the analyzed group such as autonomy or resistance to social group pressure

A study led by the psychologist and researcher at the Hospital Universitari de Santa Maria de Lleida, Francesc Abella, and the psychologist and international football referee, Xavier Estrada, shows that Catalan football referees, aged 14 to 45, are psychologically more mature than people of the same age, a fact that is known as psychological maturity. The research, funded by the Diputació de Lleida with 3,100 euros, shows that the arbitration collective is above the general population in the three traits that determine psychological maturity: autonomy, identity and work orientation. In addition, the research provides information on the psychological traits of the referees who have better impulse control, more autonomy or more resistance to group pressure.

"This information allows us to have clear, objective and interesting knowledge to create counseling and support tools for the arbitration group and help them improve their skills and aptitudes," said Abella, who is part of the Biological foundations of mental disorders of the IRBLleida. Until now, one of the criteria for assessing psychological maturity was biological age, according to which maturity is associated with physical fullness, but according to Abella, it is an incomplete definition "since not all people mature at the same age psychological and for this reason it is necessary to address this problem from a broader perspective. "