The researcher Manuel Valiente exposes the strategies to attack brain metastases in mice and humans in the IRBLleida

He has received a European scholarship of two million euros to study how to intervene at the time when cancer reaches the brai

The researcher Manuel Valiente, graduated in Veterinary Medicine and Doctor in Neurosciences, will give a session on the strategies to attack brain metastases in mice and humans, January 29th at 12.00, in the Unitat Docent of the University Lleida, located in front of the Biomedicine building that houses the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida).

Manuel Valiente (born in Zaragoza, 1980) studied Veterinary Medicine in Zaragoza (1998-2003). He then moved to Alicante where he obtained his PhD in Neuroscience (2005-2009) in the laboratory of O. Marín at Instituto de Neurociencias where he studied the migration of neuronal precursors. During his postdoctoral work (2010-2014) in the laboratory of J. Massagué at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center he switched his main interest to focus on the ability of cancer cells to metastasize. During this period of time Manuel discovered the role of Serpins and L1CAM as critical regulators to overcome the high inefficiency associated with metastatic colonization of the brain, characterize the critical role of the reactive microenvironment in this process, identify molecular mediators of the process of vascular co-option and novel mechanisms for selecting metastatic traits.

Manuel established in 2015 the Brain Metastasis Group where he combines his interest and background on Neuroscience with research on brain metastasis. The main goal of his group is to discover critical aspects of the biology of this progression of cancer that can be directed towards the development of new therapeutic opportunities.

Dr. Valiente is a Ramón y Cajal Investigator (2013) and the beneficiary of the IX FERO Fellowship (2015), ADEA Innovation Award (2015), Hope Funds for Cancer Research Postdoctoral Award (2010).

Manuel Valiente leads the Brain Metastasis Group at the National Cancer Research Center