Donation for a study on borderline personality disorder

For the third year, Xavier de la Fuente makes a donation to IRBLleida

Xavier de la Fuente has raised 1.020€ for biomedical research in Lleida that will be used for a study on the borderline personality disorder that will be carried out by the Biological Foundations group of mental disorders IRBLleida. The study is led by researchers, Iolanda Batalla and Josep Pifarré.

For the third consecutive year, this donation has been made that will allow the study of borderline personality disorder (BPD), one of the most frequent personality disorders. Personality disorders are a group of mental disorders that show significant deviations from the way people perceive, think, feel and relate to the rest. It is characterized by instability in personal relationships, extreme emotions, distortion of selfimatge and lack of impulse control. It usually appears during adolescence or at the beginning of adulthood and may improve with age.

This disorder causes problems of social, occupational and functional adaptation, and is often associated with suicidal and self-destructive behaviors.

Xavier de la Fuente with the responsible of Promotion in IRBlleida, Josep Maria Bosch