Around thirty donors will visit IRBLleida as part of the La Marató TV3 Foundation program

The program Visit the research of La Marató invites citizens to know first hand the destination of their donations and their efforts, through tours open to the public in research centers

About thirty donors of La Marató de TV3 will visit the Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida Dr. Pifarré Foundation (IRBLleida) tomorrow, Thursday, May 23rd. The visit will be carried out within the framework of the Visita la recerca program, which aims to bring the investigation closer to the public and make them known first hand about some of the projects promoted through the aid of La Marató de TV3.

The visit will begin at 4 pm, at IRBLleida, with a presentation of the program and the Institute. Afterwards, the participants will visit the laboratories and the various areas of the scientific institution, where researchers working on projects financed by La Marató de TV3 will explain what the research they carry out and how they have advanced in knowledge, the diagnosis and the treatment of the diseases studied. In addition, attendees can see live how the process of biomedical research works, from the laboratory to the application in patients, and will know many facts and curiosities related to research done in Catalonia. IRBLleida currently has two active projects funded by La Marató de TV3 in its editions of heart diseases (2014).

The program Visita la recerca de La Marató aims to bring to everyone who wants the advances promoted by the solidarity of a project that, since 1992, has raised more than 160 million euros and has driven 757 research projects on a broad set of diseases serious and chronic.

A group of citizens of the program Visita la Recerca de la Marató in 2018 in the IRBLleida