The University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova publishes a pioneering study on the quality of care for the Emergency Reanimation Unit

It has been analyzed the data of 7,579 patients who have been through this unit in 5 years

A group of medicine professionals from the Emergency Service of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital and the Transversal Research Group of the Urgency of the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida (IRBLleida) have published a pioneering study on quality of care in the Resuscitation Unit. Specifically, they analyzed the data of 7,579 patients who have gone through this Emergency Service Unit of Arnau Hospital in five years (from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2016).

Of the 7,579 patients, 62.6% are men and the average age is 68 years. Among the quality indicators analyzed, mortality stands out as a key factor, which in the Arnau Hospital Emergency Reanimation Unit is 0.41% up to 24 hours-a positive fact, taking into account the high risk of this type of treatment. patients Another quality indicator is the time that patients spend in the Resuscitation Unit, which, in the case of Arnau, is 0.87 hours. On the other hand, 72.7% of the patients categorized as level 1 in the Emergency Triage were directed to the Resuscitation Unit. Its main destination after going through Reanimation was an emergency box (in 82.3% of cases). The 0.38% went to Surgery and the 1.2% to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The authors of the study are Drs. Oriol Yuguero, Ana Vena, Carles Forne, José Daniel Lacasta, Cecilia Llobet and María José Abadías. According to these authors, the bibliographical research has not given results in studies on quality indicators to the resuscitation units of the emergency services. In fact, this is the first study in this field, which is an important step to build knowledge for the scientific community, for resuscitation specialists and for health managers. "Establishing objective quality indicators in resuscitation assistance has to be a priority," they say. The study was published, last November, in the journal Medicine.