The Andorra Women's Association allocates the benefits of the 7th race of women to IRBLleida for the research of breast cancer

ADA joins the Mamapop research project of the HER2 variant, providing € 5,352.62

The 7th race of women in Andorra, organized by the Andorra Women's Association (ADA) and the Valls d'Andorra Athletics Club (CAVA), which was held on June 11th, 2017, raised a total of €5,352.62 to be allocated to the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida in its breast cancer research program.

The representative of IRBLleida, Josep Mª Bosch, today collected the check by the president of the Andorra Women's Association, Montserrat Nazzaro, who said that "it is very satisfactory to share initiatives that have the same objective and above all to be able to allocate such an important amount to IRBLleida thanks to the solidarity of all, participants in the race and sponsors. Both organizations want to visibilize the disease, support the sick people and their relatives, and especially raise funds to allow prevention and care of the disease in the coming years."

The Association of Women has thus been associated this year with the Mamapop initiative to support this private foundation of great international prestige. It is the second year that Mamapop organizes a solidarity concert in Andorra to raise funds but, above all, to raise awareness and make the fight against breast cancer visible. Both non-profit organizations (the ADA and MamaPop) share the objective of supporting the fight against breast cancer in their research, but also in the visibilization of the disease and support for victims and family members in Andorra with such eco-friendly events such as the women's race or the Mamapop concert.

The funds raised for breast cancer research by the entities chosen by the Association in accordance with the objectives set have been obtained thanks to the registration of more than 700 people and also thanks to the support of the Commonwealth from Escaldes-Engordany, Lolë, Illa Carlemany, Yoga Ki, Viladomat, Júlia, Dermandtek, and MoraBanc Solidària. 

Manel Simón, President of Mamapop and Montserrat Nazzaro, President of the Association of women of Andorra with the head of promotion of IRBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch.

Both entities, the ADA and Mamapop share the objective of breast cancer research outreach, support and funding