"La Caixa" doubles the contribution to Mamapop for the research of breast cancer

The objective is to reduce the aggressiveness of the treatment

The research carried out by the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida) of the HER2, variant of breast cancer, which is detected in 20% of the cases in which the disease is diagnosed, is moving at a good pace. The objective is to reduce the aggressiveness of the treatment and reach the healing of the HER2 type.

This Wednesday, the latest advances in the investigation were presented coinciding with the signing of the collaboration agreement between Mamapop and "la Caixa" Welfare Projects, which has contributed 8,000 euros to the project.

Researcher Serafín Morales has explained that, at this time, the genetic sequence of the tissues of the patients affected by this disease is being analyzed. The goal is to determine which genes give a better and faster response to the treatment in order to further customize the cycles of chemotherapy for each of the women.

"In this way, we can adapt the treatments to each person reducing the toxicity and aggressiveness of the cycles and improving the quality of life of the patient during the process."

Dr. Morales has explained that research has so far confirmed that a greater presence of white blood cells and the HER2 gene increases the likelihood of a positive response. In fact, more than 80% of the patients who follow the treatment are healed.

"The goal is to achieve a much more individualized, less aggressive and more effective treatment, because if we know and block the only way that this type of tumors depend, we can heal", he indicated.

Meanwhile, Mamapop's director, Manel Simon, has shown his satisfaction with the new results of the research they make at IRBLleida and who receives the full benefits of the Mamapop concert for 4 years.

"So far we have allocated 55,000 euros to the analysis of this type of cancer, which doctors claim to be one of the most aggressive and now with the latest research is closer to obtaining a high percentage of healing," he said. added Simon.

The director of IRBLleida, Elvira Fernández, thanked the involvement and contribution of Mamapop and entities such as "la Caixa" Welfare Projects to believe and invest in health research. "

Collaboration agreement between IRBLleida, La Caixa and Mamapop

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