Course of Clinical Cardiology. Immersion and participation with experts to residents recent years

June, 23-25, 2016. Monestir de les Avellanes. Os de Balaguer / Lleida.

Lleida, June 13 Current medicine and cardiology in particular is suffering an excessive cult of technology. Therefore, we intend to make an eminently clinical course for cardiologists in their last year of training, in which the patient and the disease to be the center of attention. We are convinced of the need for a course like this, aimed at younger cardiologists, nearing completion or recently completed their training, to make an in-depth review of the most prevalent clinical entities and more evolution experienced in recent years. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Make a review in depth of the main most prevalent clinical areas and / or have experienced major changes in the current Cardiology, just in time to finish the residence. 2. Stimulate interest in the Clinical Cardiology, with the patient as the center of any process. 3. See technology as an aid to diagnosis and treatment of the patient and the patient not to use technology as a useful tool. 4. Promote a shocking human experience in young cardiologists by closeness in scientific meetings and cohabitation outside them with maximum cardiologists national prestige.