The Cooperativa Agropecuària de Soses renews its collaboration with IRBLleida

To promote biomedical research

The Cooperativa Agropecuària de Soses has renewed its collaboration with the IRBLleida to promote biomedical research in Lleida.

Founded in 1958 by a group of farmers from Soses, it is one of the pioneering cooperatives in Baix Segrià.

The contributions made by the companies and entities that collaborate with the IRBLleida have the mission of promoting, developing, managing and disseminating biomedical research in Lleida.

Donations enable research into relevant diseases such as cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, pleural diseases, ageing, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, respiratory disorders and infections, mental disorders, among others, in order to provide better services to our population.

The head of Promotion at IRBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch, with the manager of the Cooperativa Agropecuària de Soses, Daniel Marsol