Pagès Editors renews its collaboration with the IRBLleida

To promote biomedical research in Lleida

Pagès Editors has renewed, for the fifth year, its collaboration with IRBLleida to promote biomedical research. The contributions made by the companies and entities that collaborate with the IRBLleida have the mission of promoting, developing, managing and disseminating biomedical research in Lleida.

Pagès Editors is a Catalan publishing house founded by Lluís Pagès in 1990 in Lleida. It was founded with the aim of publishing books in Catalan and has a catalogue with different collections and editorial lines that have evolved over time. Eulàlia Pagès Valls is the current director.

IRBLleida's Head of Promotion, Josep Maria Bosch, with the representative of Pagès Editors, Eulàlia Pagès