The Cancer Department organises the second documentary film session on research careers in science

"El Camino Inverso", centred on the story of Mariano Barbacid

The cancer area of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Lleida (IRBLleida) started a documentary film series on inspiring scientific careers in the field of cancer research in 2022. On Tuesday 19 December, the documentary "El Camino Inverso" was screened at the centre. It focuses on the story of Mariano Barbacid, one of the most renowned Spanish scientists in cancer research, whose discoveries have had a transcendental influence on the way we understand and treat cancer. The documentary has been promoted and produced by the Álvarez Quirós Brothers Foundation together with K2000-MediaPro (

The viewing took place in a relaxed atmosphere, while the cancer researchers enjoyed a shared lunch, followed by a discussion and debate session.

"Effort, hard work and resilience are key to a successful scientific career. Generating knowledge is not easy, and along the way there are failures, setbacks, rejections and criticisms. Passion, motivation and perseverance guide us at the beginning of the journey, but they can easily be lost. To keep them alive, we are initiating this documentary cycle," explained Águeda Martínez Barriocanal, co-responsible for the area.

The visualisation took place in a relaxed atmosphere with a subsequent discussion and debate session