Up to 33 UdL researchers, among the most cited in the world by 2022

IRBLleida researchers José M. Porcel and Reinald Pamplona, among the top 5 researchers in Lleida

A total of 33 researchers from the University of Lleida (UdL) are in the database of the most cited scientists worldwide, compiled by experts from Stanford University (United States), the scientometrics company SciTech Strategies Inc. and the scientific publisher Elsevier, according to the latest update that has been made this October with data from 2022. Luisa F. Cabeza Fabra, professor at the Escuela Politècnica Superior (EPS), continues to be the best positioned taking into account last year's scientific production. In fact, she rises from position 1,795 to 1,049, with 4,878 references excluding self-citations.

Completing the top 5 are Álvaro de Gracia, from the EPS, in position 17,624 (32,948 last year) with 1,211 citations; Gustavo A. Slafer, from the School of Agri-Food, Forestry and Veterinary Engineering (ETSEAFiV), in position 18,361 (24,834 in 2022); and José M. Porcel y Reinald Pamplona, from the Faculty of Medicine and the IRBLleida, in positions 28,259 and 31,253, respectively. Despite the fact that some researchers who appeared last year are now absent, among the new additions to the list of the top 2% at international level, we find three researchers from the ETSEAFiV, Adrian Cardil (250,265), Sergio de Miguel (357,394), Jonàs Oliva (377,001) and one from the EPS, Gaetano Luciano (511,252).

MORE INFORMATION: October 2023 data-update for "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators"

Text: Press UdL

The researchers José M. Porcel and Reinald Pamplona